Study Habits


Many students of all ages fall far short of their academic potentials because they lack one or more factors in the learning process. These include competent teaching, good study hahits, use of memory capabilities, self-esteem, motivation, attitude and many more. Many of such factors respond with dramatic improvement to hypno-therapy.

Poor study habits involve hoth internal and external conditions. Internally, time-management and concentration deficiencies can drain energy and emotions. Mental conditioning can result in breaking study tasks into manageable portions allowing the student both a sense of completion and the satisfaction of achieving a specific goal, even though it is but a part of a larger assignment.

External factors include physical location and the personal association with it. Recommended procedures are: designate a specific location for study and use it consistently; eliminate distracting elements; leave the location immediately when concentration begins to fail (frequent breaksnare very beneficial). Hypnosis can provide the motivation to follow the steps necessary to effective study. It can also block out disturbing sounds which cannot be controlled.

Sleep, easily induced through hypnosis, is important in study and learning — it is vital in the retention of information. Also important is the factor of reward, which reinforces your resolve. Serious students can create their own rewards. Fear is a powerful inhibiting factor which can be controlled or eliminated by self-hypnosis, a skill which can easily be learned and used.

Habit Control


Habit control forms a dominant part of the work of most hypnotherapists. Stop-smoking and weight-loss programs are well recognized. But the profession also deals with nail biting, bed-wetting and other problems. One of the reasons many stop-smoking and weight-loss programs are only temporarily effective is that they do not dig out the causes. Habits have causes and/or points of origin. Procedures which fail to deal with these are often simply bandaid efforts. Causes can be revealed through regression under hypnosis.

Equally important in habit control is determining why a victim continues the practice. Two main reasons for smoking are identification and re-placement – copying someone else, or replacing another habit or filling a deficit in life. In weight loss, causes are all-important. Many overweight people eat very little. But those who are overweight from overeating will usually find the problem is not metabolic, but in the mind – the subconscious mind. Causes may include eating to reward or entertain ones self, to lessen an unpleasant experience, to gain notice and/or authority, to satisfy need for love, as a reaction to fear. The reasons are endless.

About Hypnosis


“Who can be hypnotized?”
… Nearly everyone.

“How many sessions will it take to reach my goal?”
… Most people average 1-3 sessions.

“Are the results lasting?”
… For most pople the results of hypnosis last a lifetime.

“Is being hypnotized like going to sleep?”
… No. Hypnotic trance is a state of heightened awareness that people find relaxing and comfortable. During hypnosis, you remain in complete control of your awareness and will remember all that happens during the session.


  • Hypnosis can help end stress related problems.
  • Hypnosis can be used to:
    • increase self-esteem
    • improve memory
    • increase concentration
    • end obesity
  • Hypnosis can help control .
  • Hypnosis can increase performance in sports.
  • Hypnosis can help create a positive image for public speaking.
  • Hypnosis can help clear away those difficult roadblocks that keep us from getting what we truly want.