Stop Smoking Now

Find freedom from smoking

Are you really ready to quit?

Now you can let go of your fear and easily quit smoking with my QuitSmart method. Proven 200% more effective than any other smoking cessation program, QuitSmart is quick, painless, and permanent.

This powerful program:

  • Consists of three sessions over a three week period
  • Combines a variety of techniques that address your body and mind
  • Gradually eases you off of tobacco
  • Develops new physical and emotional habits to facilitate a long-term, smoke-free lifestyle
  • Utilizes hypnosis to resolve any hidden internal conflicts you may have about quitting
  • Includes written and audio CDs for home use, including personalized sessions for home use
  • and much more!

Clients learn they can really stop smoking

For over the past twenty years, about two-thirds of my practice has been devoted to helping individuals quit smoking. Many of my clients previously smoked one to three packs a day for several decades! Thanks to my expertise in hypnosis and other behavioral techniques, clients tell me over and over again how easy it was for them to quit (even if they had tried to do so previously). If you are ready to bring your body and mind into alignment, you can move forward with me to reach your goals. You can quit smoking now, no matter how long you have had the habit!