Author: Roger Gray

Self-Hypnosis: Key to Relaxation

Self hypnosis, once learned, is a powerful skill which can last a lifetime. While there are numerous books, tapes and videos on the subject, one-on-one teaching from a qualified hypnotherapist is likely to produce the most effective results. Hypnosis has

Develop Motivation

In many instances, a person apparently lacking in motivation will be found also to be suffering from low self-esteem. In such cases, first attention should go to improvement of the self-image. It is difficult to fire up ambitions if you

Be In Control

Human beings begin identification processes early in life. Genes can carry physical characteristics, but various character assets and liabilities can he acquired through associations and environments – – we learn from the way we live. Virtually anyone who harbors deep

Self Esteem

DEVELOP SELF-ESTEEM & SELF CONFIDENCE THROUGH HYPNOSIS Self-esteem and self-confidence are not the same. Yet it would be very difficult to have one without the other. Both are critical elements in the human effort to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment

Athletic Performance

HYPNOSIS: POWERFUL HELP IN ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE In 1932 studies in electrophysiology demonstrated that by imagining a physical activity, the muscles involved are stimulated. Further research in l976 indicated that actual neural growth occurs as a result of mental imagery. In

Career Enhancement

JOB PERFORMANCE IMPROVED THROUGH HYPNOTHERAPY Job performance, and related career advancement, certainly can be improved and expedited through hypnotherapy. Because a program must, of necessity, have many facets, the task is likely to be complex. Therapy can involve relaxation, learning,

Effective Sales

POWER SALES TECHNIQUES ENHANCED BY HYPNOTHERAPY The highest paid profession in the world is that of the salesman. The rewards are limited only by the individual who selects sales as a career. Advanced education is not a requirement. A person

Meditation and Self-Hypnosis

MEDITATION AND SELF-HYPNOSIS ARE SYNERGISTIC Call it “New Age thinking”. Call it wisdom of the ancients”. Whatever the name, Meditation and its powerful impacts have captured the attention of the world. It can be found in books, videos, lectures, movie


HYPNOTHERAPY IMPORTANT IN STRESS MANAGMENT All stress is not bad stress. A pleasant romantic encounter, the anticipation of a happy event or reward – such things can produce stress yet still be beneficial. Stress that begins to debilitate or produce


HYPNOTHERAPY IN RELATIONSHIPS CAN SOLVE MANY PROBLEMS The adage “Opposites Attract” has been stated for eons. Nowhere is it more evident than in hypnotherapeutic counseling. Humans possess different types of suggestibility and sexuality. They are drawn to those whose characteristics