Sucess Stories

Here are just a few of the successful outcomes of utilizing hypnotherapy.


Hi, just wanted to say thank you. It’s been 2 1/2 years since I quit smoking and a lot occurred right after. My mom passed away and my father got really sick, but due to your help and CDs, I survived :)) You and your program are amazing.
—Lisa Reynolds


I decided to contact Roger Gray of Redding Hypnosis to find out if, through hypnosis, I could learn why for many years I had a feeling of resistance when trying to lose weight. I would join places that are supposed to help one lose weight. I would go for so long, then something in my mind would keep me from staying with the program.

Through hypnosis I learned what was going on with myself. It was a very interesting journey. I learned a lot about myself and what I had been telling myself for a long time.

Hypnosis was a key to learn about the block I always felt when it  came to my weight. As Roger led me through the program, I was finding out about myself and becoming aware of what I say to myself, (which we all do) and how it affected my everyday life.

His program is one in which he helps you through hypnosis and discussions to change the things one believes  and tells oneself every day. It is a program that, if you are really open to it and work with Roger, can be successful.

I highly recommend Roger Gray’s program at Redding Hypnosis.

-Carlene F.


Hi Mr. Gray,

I wanted to give you an update on the class presentation I had yesterday. After I left your office I had to go to work so I didn’t get the chance to listen to all the CDs before my class. I listened to the first half of Positive Self-Talk.

I didn’t feel very nervous before the presentation, but when it was my turn to speak, my voice started shaking. I took a couple deep breaths and tried to focus on my positive and successful life events. My voice was still shaking, but my head was clear.

That was the first presentation I’ve ever given without using note cards. I forgot that my teacher didn’t want us using any notes until my classmate informed me right before our presentation. I was worried that I would stumble over my words and lose what was trying to say, but I didn’t. I remembered most of everything I was going to saty and even threw in a little improvisation. I may not have sounded confident when speaking, but I’m glad I was able to keep my focus.

Thank you for your help. I’m looking forward to listening to the rest of the CDs!


Roger, I want to thank you for helping me conquer a real fear. I came to you in December to
prepare for open heart surgery at the end of the month. Needless to say the unknown is very
hard to deal with.

In four sessions you taught me the way to take control of my emotions. I used your CD’s
right up to the morning of the surgery. Being wheeled into the operation room I remained
calm and confident with no fear at all.

Everything was a complete success and I’ve remained pain free since.
I received the way to personal excellence from you and I’ll always remain grateful.
—Gary Cressey


Hi Roger,
Working with Roger Gray has been beneficial to move me past a block that was an old story (experience) from when I was a child that was stored deep in my subconscious, with other stories on top of it that were influenced by the deep erroneous one.

It was a phenomenal success because I did not consciously remember the experience! When I looked at it from my adult perspective I could see I misunderstood as a child. By changing that important experience I have changed my entire history and, therefore, my personality.

I recommend Roger absolutely! I had used other methods but none got me to the core issue.

Blessings and love,