About Roger

view of river from officeRoger Gray, founder of Redding Hypnosis and creator of the Blockbusting Method, is a highly trained clinical hypnotherapist who has been successfully helping people change unwanted and destructive behaviors and clear away any road block to success and happiness.

Roger’s interest in hypnosis began with a desire to improve his own business success. After taking some introductory classes and experiencing great results in his own life, he became hooked on hypnosis. He decided to complete all three levels of certification in California in 1988, and has continued to take and teach numerous classes ever since. Early in his career numerous friends and clients experienced positive results with Roger’s hypnosis work and they spread the word. Ultimately, this created a career change from which he never looked back.

Roger has completed hypnosis courses with the Applied Hypnosis Center, the Hypnotherapy Training Institute of California, the Motin and Johnson Institute, and California State University, Sonoma. He has also attended, and received credit for, an extensive number of trainings in various theories and techniques for working with individuals in need.

As a member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists, Roger is dedicated to the highest standards of care and professional ethics. He is also a certified instructor of hypnotherapy, in which he teaches these professional ethics along with the most innovative and effective ways to work with clients.

Because of his compassion and competence as a teacher and practitioner, Roger has been able to assist people in:

• Improving sales performance

• Reducing stress

• Overcoming the fear of public speaking and stage fright

• Quitting smoking

• Normalizing body weight

• Improving sports performance, such as batting averages and golf concentration

• and much more!

Roger Gray hypnotherapist in office

This Texas native now lives in Redding, CA and works with clients locally and nationally