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Study Habits

STUDY HABITS, LEARNING IMPROVE WITH HYPNOSIS Many students of all ages fall far short of their academic potentials because they lack one or more factors in the learning process. These include competent teaching, good study hahits, use of memory capabilities,

Habit Control

HABIT CONTROL IS A MAJOR FUNCTION OF HYPNOTHERAPY Habit control forms a dominant part of the work of most hypnotherapists. Stop-smoking and weight-loss programs are well recognized. But the profession also deals with nail biting, bed-wetting and other problems. One

About Hypnosis

SOME COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT HYPNOSIS: “Who can be hypnotized?” … Nearly everyone. “How many sessions will it take to reach my goal?” … Most people average 1-3 sessions. “Are the results lasting?” … For most pople the results of hypnosis