stressed-out-smAll stress is not bad stress. A pleasant romantic encounter, the anticipation of a happy event or reward – such things can produce stress yet still be beneficial. Stress that begins to debilitate or produce depression, however, requires changing.

There are cases in which a situation causing stress cannot be changed. Effective hypnotherapy can change the reaction to or perception of it, achieving management of the stressful factors, permitting life that is enjoyable and productive.

Stress inclinations can be inherited. Children tend to adopt the reactions they witness in their parents. A hypnotherapist seeking causes of stress may find regression advisable. Type A personalities – overachievers, workaholics, highly competitive, quick-to anger types often experiences stress. Hostility and cynicism factors make this group susceptible.

Repression of or refusal to accept feelings (hurt, anger, grief, or other emotions) can produce stress, as can exposure to stimuli which tax physical, mental or emotional capacities beyond their manageable limits. Other stress producers include dietary deficiencies and, for females, PMS. Stress management hypnotherapy is most effective in individual sessions. Each session needs to be tailored to specific, individual needs subsequent to determination of causes. Hypnotherapy can reprogram the subconscious mind to develop and act on new responses to old stimuli. Severe stress and depression may call for special counselling or medical evaluation. It should be kept in mind that if emotions are not given relief from stress sooner or later the body will react.