Self Esteem


confidentSelf-esteem and self-confidence are not the same. Yet it would be very difficult to have one without the other. Both are critical elements in the human effort to achieve success, happiness and fulfillment in life. Self-esteem is a fundamental influence affecting virtually every area of life – friendships, work, love relationships, ambition and goals, even health itself. Self-confidence is necessary to achievement, but without self-esteem, self-confidence cannot exist. Development of self-esteem and subsequently self-confidence are ideal projects for hypnotism. But as in many areas, lasting benefits may require determination of the causes for the absence of a client’s good self-image. Among major causes must be included past negative programming from our environment.

Many parents, and teachers as well as relatives, cannot imagine the damage that can be done to a child “labeling”, such as repeatedly commenting: “You’re the laziest kid in town”, or “You are stupid – why can’t you be smart like your brother.” Such labels are easily buried and forgotten by the conscious mind. But the subconscious mind remembers, and retains the statements of such authority figures.

Fear of failure often results. Equally or even more devastating can be the related fear of success. Through hypnosis self-acceptance can be developed, along with self-confidence and a positive change in perspective. Past negative programming can be eliminated by becoming conscious of the false negative beliefs and countering them. What we can become conscious of we can change. Hypnosis is a means of becoming conscious of those hidden road blocks to success and removing them forever.