arguingThe adage “Opposites Attract” has been stated for eons. Nowhere is it more evident than in hypnotherapeutic counseling. Humans possess different types of suggestibility and sexuality. They are drawn to those whose characteristics are opposite from their own, yet in acts and communication they tend to expect a partner or associate to have the same reaction response to words, acts or situations. This is the source of many if not most relationship problems.

Three major conflicts derive from these personality imbalances and involve difficulties in areas of sex, finance and communication. Partners (within families or businesses) cannot understand why their points of view go unrecognized or unappreciated, never realizing the viewpoints of associates are opposites.

Hypnosis can point out and explain the differences between people so that with understanding, friction can be reduced. In special cases, through hypnotherapy, it is possible even to alter the nature of subjects to effect a desired goal.

live-in-relationshipIn many cases individuals, through reaction to the demands of life, through advancing in years or for other reasons, may tend to withdraw and remove themselves from life’s mainstream. They may drop friendships, avoid social contacts and isolate themselves, which can be detri- mental to body and mind. Through hypnotherapy such people can relearn to enjoy old friends, meet new ones, regain feelings of self-worth and accept themselves as interesting people ready to begin new activities.