Meditation and Self-Hypnosis


Call it “New Age thinking”. Call it wisdom of the ancients”. Whatever the name, Meditation and its powerful impacts have captured the attention of the world. It can be found in books, videos, lectures, movie productions, seminars, schools and homes.

Webster defines Meditation as “continued or extended thought; reflection; contemplation.” Many gurus of Meditation consider it as a process of freeing the mind of the normal clutter and allowing creative thoughts and visualizations to flow in. Many practitioners of Meditation follow procedures akin to those of self-hypnosis to achieve the relaxation necessary for effective mental receptivity.

A person trained and skilled in self hypnosis can use such abilities to add power to meditation. Perhaps even more significant is that with the use of self hypnosis, meditation can be directed as to purpose and desired results. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy utilizes a blending of hypnosis and creative visualization in the process of accessing one’s highest self – which involves establishing communication with our own instincts and intuitions. This can result in powerful experiences.


Shakti Gawain has written brilliantly and beautifully about Meditation and Creative Visualization and the power of the mind. A knowledge of self-hypnosis, professionally taught by a competent hypnotherapist, can add pleasure, meaning and understanding to her books and those of other authors dealing with such subjects. A knowledge of hypnosis can prove a powerful tool in the hands of a New Age thinker. Hypnosis and Meditation work well together. They are truly synergistic.