Effective Sales


The highest paid profession in the world is that of the salesman. The rewards are limited only by the individual who selects sales as a career. Advanced education is not a requirement. A person who can sell will never be without a job. So what are the requirements? They are few, but vital.

First is self-esteem. A salesperson must think highly of himself/herself, for without self-esteem the necessary self-confidence will not develop. Following self-confidence we must add motivation. All of the above can be developed or strengthened through hypnosis, which can deal with the restrictions imposed by self-consciousness or feelings of inferiority.

The successful sales person must be in control of his own life and mind – be a self-starter. There will be little supervision or direction. The salesperson must decide what needs to be done and when, what special knowledge and skills are required to market a product or service, and must schedule the time necessary to accomplish what needs to be done.

Goal-setting abilities are of the utmost importance. Goals need to be set in achievable increments. An ongoing series of smaller ohjectives which can he achieved in relatively short order provides a needed sense of completion and a realization of success. Goal-setting and Achievement Programs are important elements in hypnotherapy practice.

The sales profession is one where the importance of Attitude Control cannot be overemphasized. Salespeople get rejected, sometimes frequently. Techniques for maintaining positive attitudes are additional benefits available through hypnosis.