Develop Motivation


In many instances, a person apparently lacking in motivation will be found also to be suffering from low self-esteem. In such cases, first attention should go to improvement of the self-image. It is difficult to fire up ambitions if you see yourself as a total failure. Fortunately difficulties involving both self-esteem and motivation respond rapidly through hypnosis. Simply recognizing that you need help proves that you are capable of motivation – it represents the first step.

There are five areas in which people are motivated: 1. Physiological (the need for food, sleep, sex); 2.Safety (need for protection, job advancement etc.); 3. Belongingness/Love (family, social contact); 4.Achievement (need to grow, use potential); 5. Esteem (need to be valued by others and have self-respect).

Developing motivation involves eliminating fear of failure and establishment of goals. Goals set a sequence and provide an order for progress. They also permit a most important factor: a sense of completion. It is vital to know that the work being done will have an end. For this reason, a step by step process in which a series of small goals can be achieved and completed is a key to success in increasing motivation.

Also important is the process of defining what “success” means to the specific individual. Success means different things to different people. Accumulation of money is often low in a ranking of priorities. Peace, love, freedom, achievement of ambitions, developing talents and skills may be measures of success. Hypnosis can increase motivation, which can lead to the type of success that achieves fulfillment.