Be In Control

self-confidenceHuman beings begin identification processes early in life. Genes can carry physical characteristics, but various character assets and liabilities can he acquired through associations and environments – – we learn from the way we live. Virtually anyone who harbors deep feelings of inferiority is a negative thinker. The characteristic probably started early in life. Being able to think and act positively is perhaps the most important factor in success. Positive attitudes can be generated through hypnosis.

Characteristics which are not hereditary usually come from childhood conditioning. Lack of confidence comes from fear of failure. Fear of failure can generate the devastating fear of success. Since you cannot fail if you do not try, it is both natural and easy to become apathetic, and determined not to try. Success is avoided since success could lead to further challenges and expectations, virtually assuring future failure.

Self-hypnosis can be learned, and is valuable in correcting and limiting the negative thinking that causes dependence and avoidance of control of ones own life and destiny. It produces relaxation, which in turn can relieve or modify tension. Hypnosis, through regression, can uncover the causes of the character liabilities which work against control. Is the liability inherited or acquired? Breaking of undesirable identifications is a matter of first recognizing that they exist, then using the powerful suggestion – either through a hypotherapist or by means of self-hypnosis – to create the new you -a person with confidence, motivation, ability and desire for control.