Career Enhancement


Job performance, and related career advancement, certainly can be improved and expedited through hypnotherapy. Because a program must, of necessity, have many facets, the task is likely to be complex. Therapy can involve relaxation, learning, self-esteem and self-confidence, motivation, attitude modification, organizational planning, time management, inter personal relationships, sales techniques and other elements.

The hypnotherapist must determine which areas show serious deficiencies. Self-confidence, of course, is all important. If you believe you can do better, you will do better. To achieve success in utilizing hypnosis, concentration is essential. It has been said that genius is the result of the ability to superconcentrate – to use more mind-power than the small fraction used by humans in their daily lives. We cannot read, talk, watch television and listen to others effectively all at the same time. We need to concentrate – to be able to focus our thinking and attention on the matter at hand to achieve the best results.

In the process of removing obstacles and enhancing strengths the hypnotherapist will teach a client self-hypnosis, which will enable him to focus attention-power on his job or the specific task at hand, improving performance, gaining recognition and earning advancement.

William James originated the concept of “ideomotor action”, which holds that whenever attention is concentrated long enough on a thought or idea, it results in physical action. James wrote: “We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes of mind.”